"Eat me!" – Ilina Perianova (EcoFair Media)

The short fiction musical "Eat me!" by Ilina Perianova is one of six winning projects presented at "EcoFair Media – Good food for all!" that artistically and substantively tackle the issue of the human right to food. A presentation of the projects will be held on January 16th at 4PM at the Heinrich Böll Foundation in Berlin.

In the short fiction musical "Eat me!", an evening in a fancy restaurant takes a surprising turn when the foods rehearse an uprising on their plates in the wildest musical style and sing about their countries of origin and the circumstances under which they were produced.

Do we want to eat away at our planet or do we want to leave something behind for the generation to come?

“Eat me!” is a short musical film on overconsumption and food waste. The absurd and grotesque story highlights what we eat and where it comes from. As the saying goes: “You are what you eat” – so the story interweaves the way we treat food with the way we live, love and relate to other people.

I have always loved watching musicals, so when my concept for a short film was selected for the EcoFair Media Competition, I was very happy that I would finally be able to create a film in one of my favourite genres. I invited my scriptwriting classmate, Katariina Rebane, from the Baltic Film Media and Communication School in Tallinn, Estonia, to collaborate with me. Together with her and my sister, Yagama Perianova, I wrote the lyrics to the songs in the film.

Even though “Eat me!” is now part of my official curriculum in my film school, I decided to shoot the film in Bulgaria. The team of “Eat me!” is a professional setup that has worked on various films in Bulgaria and abroad. I am one of the main producers of the film. Aside from myself, the film has been produced by our director of photography, Alexander Krumov (Crossroad films), Yagama Perianova, who is also the art director and costume designer for the film, as well as Yancho Mihailov and Deyan Bararev (Association Shtipka).

The actors in the film are amazing: I worked with Luiza Grigorova, who is a TV and theatre star in Bulgaria, and Nigel Barber, who was also involved in the movies “Mission Impossible 5” and “Spectre”. There is also a great ensemble of dancers and actors playing the roles of the dancing and singing foods as well as the servers in the restaurant.

The music in the film is an original composition. It was written by the young and very promising talent Emelina Gorcheva. Her main love and interest is in musicals, so that is why we got along very well during the project, and we hope to work together in the future as well. We recorded the music with young and talented musicians and singers from Sofia.

Rehearsals went on for around two weeks, during which I mainly worked with the actors playing the foods. They had to learn how to act like they were naturally singing songs that somebody else had sung for them. We also worked on the choreography with Sophia Georgieva, who plays the pastry in the film. It was so much fun, and I feel I was lucky to have such an amazing cast to work with.

I hope that “Eat me!” will reach a wide audience around the world and that it will influence many people on how they reflect about their food and eating habits. Hopefully, we will be able to go some way to raising global awareness about the responsibility each of us bears towards our society and the planet we live on, since food is an integral and essential part of our daily lives.

Please also support the kickstarter campaign for "Eat me!"!

Ilina Perianova

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