"ALBTRAUF" – students of the Film Academy Baden-Württemberg (EcoFair Media)
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Die thriller mystery series "ALBTRAUF" by students of the Film Academy Baden-Württemberg is one of six winning projects presented at "EcoFair Media – Good food for all!" that artistically and substantively tackle the issue of the human right to food. A presentation of the projects will be held on January 16th at 4PM at the Heinrich Böll Foundation in Berlin.

“If nature were to treat us like we treat nature, it is not certain that we would still be alive”. If we, a group of students at the Film Academy Baden-Württemberg, were asked to describe the heart of our film project, this quote from the Swiss writer Kurt Haberstich would be the best way to sum it up.

We are Markus Gebhart (camera), Ganya Mosolf (producer), Felix Ruple (producer) and Bernd Faaß (director), along with about 30 other students and voluntary assistants in various areas such as scene setting, script, cutting, lighting, make-up, costume and VFX. Together we are in the middle of preparing our "diploma" degree project, a series called “ALBTRAUF”, which we will film in the Swabian Alb region at the beginning of November.

“Albtrauf” is a mystery thriller series about the brutal exploitation of untouched nature and the severe consequences in a small remote village on the edge of the Swabian Alb. Our series centres on the tension in the relationship between nature and civilisation. Our story is set in a fictional remote village in the “Albtrauf”, the region on the edge of the Swabian Alb. Where life is rooted in and surrounded by nature. But it is deceptively idyllic, and soon it seems that no-one in the village is really innocent.

Felix Ruple developed the idea for our project, which was then worked out in detail in the Series Production course at the Film Academy Baden-Württemberg in cooperation with UFA Fiction and ProSiebenSat1. The script was written by Colin Zech, a writer who graduated from the Film Academy. After just over a year, our team has now grown and we will soon start filming.

Our set designer Nadja Götze is busy designing and implementing the scene settings based on her concept art designs. And while Markus Gebhart works out the visual concept, our producer Bernd Faass is casting the first roles from Stuttgart to Berlin. And of course this must also include animals, and we are very pleased that the genuine wolf Lobine from www.filmwolf.de will help us in our filming work. We only hope that Lobine will not decide that the Swabian Alb is too enticing, and that she will in fact return to her home in Hanover.

With our series we want to focus on the issues involved in the exploitation of nature, and to explore them by using elements from mystery and crime films. We will give nature its own character, and even give it a voice by using a humming sound – nature's warning call. Our goal is to draw the attention of our audience to the subject in an entertaining way and to create a greater awareness of sustainability and the proper relationship with nature.

But we consider it important not to point the finger at an individual group in a documentary style, but to explore widely different aspects of our society. Wherever we come from, we all have to face up to the same questions after all: What effects does my behaviour have on my environment, my life and diet? How far can we go? Or have we already gone much too far? Do we even know what untouched nature means?

We believe that there is already public sensitivity for this topic. Although we realise that we still face a lot of work with this setting, we are looking forward to the project and are confident that we can succeed with exact planning and our shared passion. In 8 filming days we aim to produce a 20-minute testimonial for the series, which we want to present at the beginning of 2016.

Further information about our project can be found at www.albtrauf-serie.de and www.facebook.de/albtrauf.

With warm greetings from Ludwigsburg,

from everyone in the Albtrauf film team

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