Study: Introducing the Right to Food in University Curricula
Study: Foreign Direct Investment in Agri-Food Networks in India and Sub-Saharan Africa
Right to Food: Series of Lectures & Discussions at European Universities
"Reichtum" - David Schittek (EcoFair Media)
"Our Daily Bread" – Pavel Ruzyak (EcoFair Media)


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The global significance of soils demands global responses. 2015 is the International Year of Soils. In this year, the United Nations wants to further the goal of soil protection. This Soil Atlas shows what can succeed and why the soil should concern us all.
Glopolis issued a new study „Food Security and Agricultural Trade in Kenya: the Impact of the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) on Food Security of Poor Kenyans“.
Glopolis issued a new study on food prices in Kenya.
A new infosheet of Glopolis cotributing to the debate on coherence of Common Agricultural Policy with development goals of the European Union.
This new report reveals, for the first time, data on resource use and resource efficiency for all countries of the world over three decades, from 1980 – 2008. The data covers the global, continental and country level, featuring illustrative case studies.
Glopolis has published a new fact sheet on factors for ensuring food security in Africa.
Glopolis issued a briefing paper related to the issue of biofuels.
An EcoFair Trade Dialogue Discussion Paper by Armin Paasch